Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hair Today- Up Tomorrow

When you're trying to break into the fashion business you do a lot of things to get your face recognized, your legs noticed, and your name out there. No, I don't do porn- so dirty old man who's crusing through the blogs can just go someplace else. I DID do a hair show this weekend though- it was FUN!
This was the day after the color...lots of fall colors and luckily I walked out feeling really happy instead of the girl with yellow and pink hair (not saying there's anything wrong with yellow and pink hair, reader..just not my thang)
The next day the stylists put it up and it was really a fun look and I would love to do it again and put it with jeans, a t-shirt and a casual vibe.
Sort of like Princess Leia on crack ...but it's amazing isn't it? and it was really an easy thing to learn to do. All this and a few extra $$...not bad for a weekend of creative hair.

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