Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Open Letter to the Person who STOLE my Computer:

I won't start this post about listening to your heart and returning what is mine, because obviously, you have no heart or feelings when you can steal someone else's possessions.
I'm sure you were disappointed that I did not have piles of cash sitting in my bedroom and the thing you perceived of value was my MacBook and Peter's watch to throw under your clothes to steal from our home.
You know; I worked countless hours to pay for that piece of equipment needed for my school, and now I will have to put in extra hours and find other jobs on the weekend, so I may afford another since you and your sick mind thought it would be easier for you to steal my laptop rather than work for one for yourself.
If you needed money for food, we would have fed you. If you needed a place to rest, we have extra beds...why did you steal?
I can only hope that you run across my blog on the "favorites"from MY computer, or the new owner (that you sell my computer to at some ridiculously low price) will read this and realize what a low life piece of scum you are.
I hope you also realize that I will find you. From the police, a friend of a friend, the pawn shop, but sometime and somewhere I will know who you are. I'm just lucky like that.
I will invite you over, just like the countless other times you have been invited over and offer you a most exotic dish for supper that you will eat, just like the many other times. Only this time, at night when you should be enjoying a nice, restful sleep...there will only be sadness, anxiety, and the gnawing feeling that something is not right with your life. You will always be looking over your shoulder and you will always feel like you are never good enough...and the thing is, you aren't. You're just a loser with a used computer.

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